Shanghai Austrian Economics Summit

This free-market symposium in Shanghai at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, runs from evening July 20th through the 22nd, with checkout on the 23rd, plus post-conference tour options.

ISIL is co-sponsoring the conference as an Asian regional event, and is encouraging international libertarians to attend and to explore this fascinating country.

The goal of the 2012 Shanghai conference is to expound on free-market ideas to a Chinese audience and to learn what free-market economists are doing in China. There will be three groups in attendance: 1) international attendees who are interested in both free markets and China; 2) Chinese academic and research economists who are interested in free-market ideas; and 3) university students who want to learn about free-market principles that are not taught in China.


Update: 2012 Shanghai Conference Daily Schedule (PDF)

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